Saturday, February 2

Weekly What #2

Linking up with Ricky,Allie and Jenn for week 2 of


I did my usual weekly link up with Sami(weekend recap) & molly(#YOLO mondays)

I complained about the time that I dyed my hair, talk about how , HORRIBLE the experience was. I also linked up with Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics, to talk about 6 memories

Kenzie and claire did a link up and wanted to know some stuff about
moi. Its also my work friday, so Left my lovely lil readers with some funny Ecards

Was my day off, So i wasnt buzzing around the web much, more so watched criminal minds, and hangingout with my mom & bro. In blogland, I did a linkup with amber for Its okay thurs to talk about my feelings.

I came into work and it was sooo busy, and we launched a new system, EPIC fail, so of corse I complained about it in my friday letters.friday letters. I also decieded that 100 post in 100 days was wayyyyyy to much for me, so Im just gunna do 31 days of blogging instead, check out my .
first post.

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