Who am I?

Welcome to my little space on the web,

Incase you were wondering wow, who is this amazing writer... its me your girl KTT.

Usually i answer to such names as Kalleen (pronouced Colleen), Kay, O.C, or as the loves of my lifes call me Keen/Auntie

I grew up in a small town in ontario, you could say I had a complicated life, I perfer the word "Challenging" everyone has their own stories, I have no regrets over mine and I like to think the choices I made made me the wonderful women I am today.

Currently I live in the beautiful city of Calgary,AB. June 2013, I decided enough was enough. I needed a life of my own, I needed to get a life, and get my shit together. In my home town work was slim pickins,I tried for months and months to find a new job, without taking a pay decrease. I had been at the same job for almost 5 years with no desire to grow within the company, and I hated the job so much i eventually dropped to part time then I was able to take stress leave. Which turned out to be the best day, that job was sucking the life out of me I needed an escape.
Sept 2013, was my first day in calgary. To this day the 5 day drive from ontario to alberta was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. It was a bit of a rought start, my first job was doing outbound inquire calls to ask if people were interested in having their furnice ducts cleans. IT WAS THE LONGEST THREE MONTHS OF MY LIFE. I couldnt do it anymore I was just as unhappy as I was at my last job so I quit. Thankfully I was able to get hired on at a dealership as a part time receptionist. That following summer I took vacation and went home for the first time in almost a year. You really truly never know how loved you are or how much you truly love someone until you spend extended time apart.
Eventually I become a full time receptionist, however a few months later I was let go from the job, at the time I was upset however that experince combined with my call center experience lead me to my current job of 10 months. This job is everything i wanted in a job, it allows me to stay in touch with technology, travel the world, and still be in touch with customers. A typical day at the office includes me taking phone calls from some of the most wonderful people ive had to deal with at dealerships who are having an issue with the software (company i work for) usually its a learning expirence and the phone call doesnt last longer then 10 mins. When a dealership purchases our software the company flies a person for each department at the dealership to train them- I'm on the parts team. So far I've been able to travel to Northbay,Ont. Vermilion,AB. Prince Rupert,BC. Next stops include Wallaceburg,ON. Later this year Grande Prairie.AB in November and Lindsay,ON in December.

Life has been a rollercoaster these last 2 years a lot of ups and some downs. And I would love if you browsed around and see what its like to spend a day in the life me,