Weight Loss

I remember being in high school, and never once wishing ' Gah, I wish I was skinny like those girls'. Yet my waist size was a 18. I was over weight, no doubt about it, yet I had such a great support system at home that I never worried about things like self image. I went the next 9 years with the same attitude, but added more weight, i was now a size 20sometimes 22. When I got older and started going out to the bar, I did wish I wasn't so much bigger because plus size close aren't as cute as all the shit those skinny bitches got to wear. However it still didn't bother me. Not until I really started to look at my life & future. Where I was going to live, what my career would be, when I would get married, and buy a house have kids. Shit kids. I wanna take that step last, im unhealthy and 23. By the time im ready to have kids how unhealthy will I be! I didn't want that to effect me not having children, especially from obesity, something that can easily be controlled.

I just didnt know where to start, I didnt want to join a gym Im broke. I didnt want to work out with friends, there all in shape and id feel to awkward next to them. Growning up as a kid with my mom we ate unhealty all the time, and I formed really bad habbits, thats when my obsitiy actually started. When I moved in with Amy, my eatting habits changed a little, but it wasnt untill I move in with health guru John that I noticed I eat horribly unhealthy. I changed my diet competly, and I found that eatter better food, made me less hungry which means I wasnt over eatting. I followed a basic workout routine that consisted of :
Getting up and down from resting on all fours and standing up about 15-30 times *sort of like a burpee*
Then sit ups for about 15 mins
Squats for about 15 mins

Running in the spot for about 15 mins
Once a week I'd climb mount. Pelion *best part was  is the view*

                                                                          Walk up the mount. Pelion
     Stairs on the way up to the watch tower.
  Watch tower
   The View from the Watchtower

I started my process in Aug. '11 weight 265 pounds, my heaviest weight to date. I lost on adverage 8-12 pounds a month. As of Dec. '12 I weigh 162, meaning I've lost a total of -103 pounds. Check out my journey so far..

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Every month I'll update the photos, and any health tips I've learned along the way :)