Monday, February 18

This weeekend I...

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This weekend I..
Spent my hard earned pay check on new shit:) like a bra, 7 undies for $28 SCORE, I went baby shopping for a baby shower this weekend, I found a great deal on picture frames and spent an hour printing off photos at Walmart

This weekend I..
Spent some time with the farmer at my brothers house

This weekend I..
Worked for a bit, on Saturday boo

This weekend I..
Went out for bowling and drinks to celebrate my old roomies B-day, TWENTY SIIIIIIX! and her friend crystals B-day - Happy B-day Tabby & Crystal! xoxo

This weekend I..
Meet a interesting fellow and wouldn't mind to see where it could go..

What did you love bugs do this weekend??

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  1. Met a man, eh?! Congratulations! Can't wait to read more! ;)

    Happy Monday!

    1. hehe sure did! next hangouts thursday hopefully ill have a epic post friday :)

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend - I haven't been bowling in forever!

  3. Sounds like a productive weekend to me :) Thanks for linking up!