Tuesday, August 21

10 day challenge, Wk2

I'm linking up with Lauren and Tiffany For


This week is 9 Loves, So im going to show off 9 people whom I love!

9.Tony & I
-This was taken the last time I saw him back in April. Growing up sucks, and living in a different province sucks even more!

8.I love big dirty trucks! and I love Monster energy drinks, so its no doubt I almost shit myself when I saw this!

7.Gilmore Girls

6.Carissa, Audri & I
- Were the 3 best friends that anyone could of * Cue music from Hangover*

5.Coco Chanel & Paris
-Need I say more?

4.My Brother & I
-Sometimes I feel like no one else can quite understand me the way he does!

-my VERY guilty pleasure

3.Tab & I
Before our Roommate days

1.My Amy & Pock
Nothing in my life would be here if it wasn't for them. They took me in at my lowest point. The showed me the meaning of family, and how it felt to be really loved and cared for. Theres no amount of words that can say thank you. Everything they do they do for there children, and not once did they ever make me feel like I wasn't there child. Adopting me was the best thing that ever could of happened to me

Come back next week for my 8 fears and Be sure to leave me a comment if you link up so I can see you 9 loves!
Happy Tuesdays My Peoples! :)


  1. gilmore girls is a great show!!! i miss lorelai & luke :)

    1. i kno!!!!!! i cant believe the way they ended things, so "unsaid" like geeez lol

  2. LOVE Gilmore Girls! Thanks for linking up again! xoxo!

    1. no problem! cant wait for next week:)

    2. Love your Loves :) Your pics are so cute! And I love MTV--mainly for Teen Mom...can't wait for the new episode tonight! Thank you so much for taking the time to link up--can't wait to read your answers next week.

    3. yeah i LOVE teen mom havent had time to watch muhc this season maybe one or 2! :( lol one day ill sit down and watch them all!