Sunday, October 14

30 things, wk 1.. Random facts

What better way to spent my sunday then relaxing in bed giving my follows a little more insite to the girl behind the blog, me kt. Come back every sunday as I answer 1 question from the list of 30 that I found over at "this blog".. If this sounds fun to you leave me a comment so I can check out your answers!

20 Random Facts..
1. My names spelled Kalleen, but pronouced Colleen.
2. I thinking im falling for my friend.
3. In 2 weeks I'll have different roomies, :(.
4. Theres nothing I'd rather be doing right now then laying in bed watching scrubs.
5. I havent seen my bub & Jacob in so long it actually hurts to miss them.
6. I love black comedy yet I went my whole life without seeing any Dave Chapelle!
7. I just blew $200 on fall clothes.
8. My boobs lost an entire cupsize in the last year with all this weight loss.
9 .I bought a size 12 pair of pants, last year my size was 22.
10. I have the best friends in the world who not only put up with my shanagians, they love it.
11. I was adopted at 16 by my cousin, she changed the persln I could of been into the person im proud to be.
12. Always the brides maid, never the bride.. I just accepted another offer to be a bridesmaid, this will be wedding #4.
13. Blogging has been the best outlet.
14. If you've been following my blog its no secret I love gilmore girls. Well I finally finished watchin the series, damn you luke and lor.. We need answers!!lmao
15. My brothers are some of the stongest people I know I just wish they seen it too.
16. 20 random facts are hard, damn
17. Sometimes the best feeling I have is in when im panting from lack of air from a crazy work out!
18. Im starting on my end of the year scrapbook, kind late too its hard remembering everything that happened this year.
19. I still cant believe this years almost over.
20. 72 days <3


  1. Laying in bed watching Scrubs sounds so good right about now! And go you for losing so many pants sizes- you're an inspiration!

    1. yeah it def was the best way to spend a sunday! lol thanks for the kudos girl :)

  2. Where are Rob and Tabs going? Whose the new roommate/roommmates?

    1. no where, im moving to belly .. and still havent found new ones :( lol eek!