Friday, October 12

Friday letters

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Dear Audri,
Glad I came along to london with u, lets get this shit started!Hoe style ;)

Dear London,
You looking pretty daper today, cant wait to go out on the town tonight with my main hoe!

Dear Ryan,
Really excitied I might get to see u this weekend hopefully we get to link up!

Dear mothernature
Your lookin beautiful in london right now, however according to the weather its going to raining all night and drop to -2, are you for reals?!

Dear weekend,
Hello, you my friend will be a shopping weekend, rewarding myself with new clothes for this hot new bod!nothing fits. Which is totally a good thing. Im really excitied to shop in london, I never see the clothes back home which is weird most of the stores carry the same brands.

Anyway my loves,hope you all have a good weekend! See ya monday of my weekend recap where ill let you know what went down over the weekend!


  1. I'm excited to hear! I see that London has you extremely excited, I would be too! I hope you have photos to share :) See you Monday

    The Indie Byline

    1. thanks for stopping by, i thought i had more photos to share but only have 1 lol :) hope you had a good weekend!