Monday, September 17

I Love Me Mondays

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Answer this weeks 3 questions about yourself
{ONE} Do you enjoy wearing dresses?
{TWO} What's your favorite thing about fall?
{THREE} Favorite sex position?
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{ONE} I LOVE wearing dresses. I use to hate it could never feel comfortable in them until I lost weight.
{TWO} Thanks giving, the pretty colors on leaves, the weather starts cooling down, but its FREEZING yet
{THREE} I like to be on top, again something new never felt comfortable before the weight loss.


  1. On top is a great feeling! Stopping by from the link up :-)

  2. I've gained a lot of weight so being on top isn't as fun as it used to be :(

    I need to be on your level and get my ass moving to lose weight! you look great!

    Thanks for linking up! You're shining girl!

    1. thanks dolly!
      well doo it up, find your motivation and ride the shit out ur hubby ;)