Monday, September 17

Weekend Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Since Amy was already in the falls, and Geoff had to work friday morning I took Jacob to school, and spent the day with Hudson. Our town just finished the remodel of McDonald's so I took Hudson there after a long tiring morning for grocery shopping and running around. He played in there for about 2 hours, so I totes abused the free wifi :p. After Jacob was done school there grandpa came and picked them for the weekend. I went home and waited for Geoff to get off work so I could return the car and get a ride home. I was so burnt out and tired from the looooong day that I just wanted to go home and go to bed, but when I got home I saw that my roommate Tabby bought season 5 of Jersey Shore, and I watch the whole season, yep Im a loser.

Today was the big day, well the big night. Lisa's bachelorette party. We kept the entire thing a secret from her. All she knew was to pack a over night bag. We stayed with another girl in the wedding party in Barrie. Got drunk, gave lisa the present from us ladies, a male stripper. The we headed out the a country bar called "The Ranch". Were I got kicked out, then snuck back in ... and then kicked out again. Im not to surprised seeing how I don't remember leaving the bar, or going to the bar for that matter..yeah it was a good night.

The other girl in the wedding party that we drove down with had to be back to work for noon. From were we were to our home town, is a 3 hour drive. FML - however it wasn't that bad, and it seemed to go bay quick. We stopped in at Lisa's for a bit so I could check out her new house! It so cute, I love it. When I got home I took A long nap! As in 6 hours, ekes. Once I finally woke up I spent the rest of the night watching the bonus features from Jersey Shore, then some more Gilmore Girls.

Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend :)


  1. Sounds like an excellent bachelorette party!

  2. male strippers and Gilmore girls! it sounds like you had a perfect weekend :) haha

    happy monday!

    1. yeah it was amazing!! thanks for stopping by :)