Friday, September 14

Friday Letters

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Dear Lisa,
Im sooo excitied the dresses are in.. Now to find a cheap alteration place ...even more excited for your batchorlette party!

Dear My amy & pock,
Hope u have a blast this wknd again in the falls, watch out for those blue berries

Dear Hudson,
I very much dislike grocery shopping I dislike it even more with u. Please dont make it harder then it has to be, promise we can do something fun after.

Dear roomies,
So sad to see you leave its been a crazy year. But the bestest year, not ine fight or anything. We were roommates matched in heaven.

Dear weekend.
I have you off. And I have since yesterday, can anyone say 4 day weeknds kick ass! Woot woot ,

Hope everyone has a bitchen weekend I know I will.
Catch everyone monday!


  1. 4 day weekends totally kick ass, enjoy it pretty friend.


    1. oh they def do rock! thanks for stopping by :)

  2. yay for bachalorette party!

    Following you now! Have a wonderful weekend!! Stop by and say hello! :)

  3. Replies
    1. ohh it was epic! if only I could remember :P

  4. Pretty background :)

    Sylvia @