Wednesday, September 12

We want to know, Wk

This week I'm linking up with Mamarazzi for 'We Want To Know..'


{ONE}Would You Rather...splurge on make-up or hairstyling?
My Hurr, oh theres so many options fake hair real hair, weaves, extensions, dye, cut, curly, straight,,, lol I know theres a lot of color with makeup, i just think i look better without it ..glad i can say that now in a few years i prob wont see it that way.

{TWO}Would You at fancy restaurants or eat good home cooking?
Go out. I LOVE getting dressed up, and going somewhere nice - especially if I've never been there!

{THREE}Would You Rather...go to a big city or take a relaxing cruise?
Big city - I don't swim, well cant LOL so lets choose something i know i wail survive.

{FOUR}Would You Rather...spend your money on jewelry or purses?
Purse, OH MY GOD, yep purse. oh heavens i love purses.

{FIVE}Would You Rather...wear a dress or jeans?
Ive been so girly lately, I've never worn dresses, now i own like 5. And a skirt WOAH!

Be sure to leave me a comment on what you thought on my answers, and let me know if you linked up so i can go check yours :)


  1. Purses for me too. I'll take bags, scarfs and sunglasses before anything else. Any day.

    Nice job on the skirt. :)

  2. ahh sunglasses, my true first love <3 lol thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I totally dress up everytime we got out to eat even if it's just to Chili's or something. I just love going out and getting dressed up. Eating out is my fav. Like you said, especially if I've never been there

    1. exactly :) hell ill dress up for mcdicks LOL thanks for stopping by:)