Tuesday, January 22

Facts About Me Linkup!

Linking up with
Whitney for ..

- I use to be fat, down -108 pounds

- Jesus is my light in the darkness

- I know people should have favs, but I have a fav nephew but my lips are sealed!

- I love more then I should, to the people I shouldnt

- I wear my heart on my sleve

- I ate veggies, minus corn - I'll eat green beans in rice, and raw carrots

- I have huge texture issues, I think its why I hate veggies. Strawberries and oranges disgust me. Bananas ? Gross, and yes i am!

- I have a hard time understanding/remembering common sence, isnt that common

- I love linkups, but I wish I had more actual post to give you guys just been living a mellow life lately

- I lost a follower, I was almost at 100 dear rude blogger, HOW RUDE! if you didnt like my blog then you shouldnt have followed it in the first place! :(

- Im hungover well making this, no im not one of those crazy kids getting trashed monday night, this is pre sched. because im sure ill forget!

Hope everyone enjoyed reading some facts about me, now go do some facts about yourself!


  1. Way to go on the weight loss!!

  2. Dang girl, 108 pounds! That's amazing.
    I hate it when I lose followers. I'm always wondering why!

    1. thanks, grr made me so mad when i noticed i could of cried LOL jk, i got 98 other loves :) #blessedblogger

  3. Wow -108, that is fantastic! Did you do a specific diet or anything?

    And losing followers is always sucky, I feel like my numbers always fluctuate so much!

    1. nothing special,I was a really bad eatter so I just changed my habbits, and cut out all the junk food and pop that I was drinking I cant believe how much of a change just changing my diet made. The better I ate, the more full I felt, so I wasnt over eatting on more junk food anymore, then I thru a excerise routine in the mix and BAMB weight loss! check out my journy ' no longer a 'fat' girl' its one of the pages at the top :)

  4. Wow congratulations on the weight loss - you go girl!
    I've always wondered why the call it common sense, when it isn't common at all.