Tuesday, January 22

,Tuesday Topics, week 4; 7 people


The Austin Family Diary

This weeks Topic..
7 people you would like to meet.

The new man in my bff tonys life,
but since he lives in bc with tony and im in ont, i dont think its that easy..

Martin luther king,
he was so brillant theres alot i could of learned from him.

My grandfather,
on my dads side. As much as i hate my father i will say he is a brillant coward, full of lots of wisdom on life, which he learned from his father

Lil wayne,
cuz then id totally drug him marry him, then take his money if he tries to leave me, crazy? Ya maybe a little

Oprah, so i can win somethingbbig that hookers always giving shit away.. "u get a car, and u get a car.."

Michelle obama,
because she just screams perfection and she has alot to say

Lindsay lohan,
because like wtf is wrong with her!


  1. haha I love your reasoning for meeting lindsey! funny!

    1. LOL, i mean i just dont get her, how many times does 1 fuck themself over befor acting like a decent human!