Wednesday, January 23

Random Wednesday

Linking up with because shanna said so for ...

This week we are doing Love/Hate

I LOVE that its techically my friday!

I HATE that I picked up 4 hours of overtime tomorrow

I LOVE that Im getting paid like a boss, hello new shit!

I HATE that this is offically my brothers last weekend living near me!

I LOVE my new tattoo, and the way its healing looks SICK

I HATE teh tattoo on my leg thats missing color in most part, and looks like ive had it for 40 years, #hatefakeartist

I LOVE instagram, like more then anything!

I HATE that work takes up so much of my time, time that I could spend learning something in school

I LOVE morning cuddles with the lil men in my life

I HATE when I dont get to see those lil men as often as id like

I LOVE the new JT track, cuz he be on his suit and tie shit tie shit

What do you Hate/Love, Im joining a few other link ups today


Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life

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