Thursday, January 24

25 and single

So im riding the bus home and i see this guy who i find affective and i see hes sitting with a female, maybe about 10 years older then him. Not sure what tho think of there relationship I turn my head. As they get iced the buss I see that he's treating her with much respect acting like a true gentlemen a they got up poor of there seats and walked of the bus. Once they got off they held hands and started to head to where they were going. So there I sit in complete shock at what just happened.

I'm not only tho only go after looks, but I'd be lying if I said they didn't matter. But I couldn't help but think how am I single and SHE'S in a relationship. I'm awesome and fantastic. I'm smart and pretty. So when's my turn, when do I get to find that relationship.

My passion and beliefs in God tell me to just to be patient a little longer because God has a great man in store for me, I'm just getting a little tired of waiting for him, how many of you single ladies can relate.

All my friends are in long term relationships Some of them really unhealthy some of them wonderful, and now some are even married, I can't help but just want my turn. However at the same time I can get drunk when I want, I can dance with who ever and however without being judged a if I'm doing something wrong. I can come and go as I please. I don't have to spend money on extra things like TP, and coffee.

So I guess being single does have it's benefits ..until my turn I guess I'll enjoying waiting.

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