Wednesday, August 1

Tag, your it!

Tabitha over at "My cliffnotes" tagged me in this post! I remember doing it once before but that was on my old blog, that I deleted ..FML ..Anyway heres the rules

Name 11 random facts about yourself..

Answer the 11 Questions the previous person tagged for you to answer..

List 11 random questions for other blogges to answer..

Tagg 11 bloggers in this post and spread the word..

11 Random facts.

*My birthday was yestday (31.07), and I turned the big 2-5
*I rock fake hair when I go out to the bar %90 of people never notice
*The worst part about losing all this weight, my boobs are litterly have the size of what they use to be
*Im not a cat person, Im defenitly a dog person
*Im quite excitied to celebrate my birthday this friday
*I cant swim, but I LOVE going to the beach to look at the water
*My Amy took over full custody of me when I was 16, and raised me untill I moved out.. she still teases me about "moving out" may have done that befor, twice..:)
*My favorite color(s) is Pink/Yellow/Orange/Green/Purple
*Im obbsessed with Scentys
*Im also obbsessed with reality TV, if its trashy you can garentee I'll love it
*Tabitha is also the name of my roomie!

Winners Questions

1. When did we fall in blog love?

Its not offical, but since you tagged my in this post, and ive been dying to be tagged, well say it was the day you tagged me!LOL

2. Why do you live in Trenton,ont and not Portland?

Because my parents didnt think through the thought that if they moved to portland before I was born I could have meet an AWESOME blogger ;) haha

3. What is your favorite outfit and why?

Im going to say tight dresses because im obbessed with how my figure looks in them, for the most part.

4. Zac Efron or Channing Tatum?

Channing, mmm mm mm yeah Channing everytime lol

5. Books or Movies?


6. Cheetos or Pringles?

Once ya stop ya just cant stop

7. When you catch people looking at you, what is your first thought?

To stare back, making my ugliest face

8. Do you sing and dance in the shower? If not, why the h not?

LOL I do sing in the shower, if its a really good move not gunna lie ill bust out dancin!

9. Favorite mascara?

I dont really have a fav for awhile I was using XXl extend the volume and length one, but then for xmas I got forget the brand right now but it was yellow and makes my eyelast look really bold

10. What is your favorite recipe?

Meatloaf, I know Im simple

11. Will you give me $10 dollars? Cuz then I'll have $110 bloghers..

LOL Sure!

11. If you were given all the perks of being a Vampire, but didn't have to drink blood you could eat normal food, would you love it? Cuz I think I would, and then I'd bite M so we could be together forever.

LOL Im not really into vamps, prob because the whole blood sucking thing is weird to me, but I guess in this situation it be alright

Your questions to answer

1.Favorite song right now?
2.Wheres your dream va-ca?
3.What type of phone are you using?
4.When did you start blogging?
5.Middle name?
6.Favorite quote?
8.What do you do for a living?
9.Instagram/pintrest/twitter or facebook?
10.Favorite day of the week
11.Favorite summer drink

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  1. So sweet! Thank you for the tag! I'll have to post this soon! :)

  2. Thanks for the tag and happy belated birthday!