Thursday, August 2

Currently (wk 2)

This weeks themes are: listening, daydreaming, wanting, looking, and writing

Harvesting Kale

Im currertly listening to...

my co-workers talk to our customers, BORING

Im currertly daydreaming about...

my 3 day weekend, ahhhhhhhhhhh

Im currertly wanting...

It to be tomorrow already so that I can be celebrating my birthday!

Im currertly looking...

pretty fly for a white guy ... LOL :p

Im currertly writing...

my post, while trying to a mean case of writers block! but check back soon I promise Ill post something worth reading :D


  1. haha made me laugh!

    Drop by and say hello! Have a great day!

    1. LOL well glad I gave you a good laugh !:) ill def stop by