Friday, May 10

Say it aint so..

Hey guys,
Its #backthatazzup day with Whitney!

**It also says "at the end of your Friday posts simply add a YouTube video or a Grooveshark play button of your song choice for the day" but im NOT that smart, and media sites are banned from work where I sit around and blog all day help customer make there cell phones work again.**

Talk about a delayed post, but theres something I've been dying to talk about since last wednesday guys. Someone has passed away in the music industry,and if you didnt think wearing your clothes backwards was cool or you didnt join the '90s hiphop train with Jermaine Dupri you may have no idea what I'm even talking about. But Y'all Mac Daddy has died!
Still no idea who I'm talking about back in 1996 when I was 9 I was ballin y'all, they had a song "Jump" from their album Totally Krossed Out *from '92, but i was 5 then*. which topped the billboard charts, sitting there for eight weeks, "becoming the first rap song to have achieved so long a run at the top. No other rap song had led the chart for that length of time."[3]  It was when I heard "Jump" I remember thinking, 'this song is so fun, there so hot, and how did they do up there zippers if there pants are on backwards?' My mom couldnt pay me to stop responding "cause everythings to the back with a little slack, cause inside out is wiggity wiggity wack" when she asked me a question. "why did you hit your brother"..cause everythings to the back with a little slack, cause inside out is wiggity wiggity wack, "why didnt you make more juice"..cause everythings to the back with a little slack, cause inside out is wiggity wiggity wack.
Its fun right, try it tonight see how many wierd looks you get!
When I heard "I missed the buss" I knew this was the group for me. I mean when you drop lyrics like " I was thinking I could chill till the time came around and i did, (he did) but a little to long cause when when I woke up (yo?) the bus was gone, I almost broke my neck trying to get out the door, and i chase the bus untill my feet were sore"
Its like your speaking to my soul,its the story of my life.
So cheers to Mac daddy (may you RIP), and Daddy Mac
p.s there aint nothing soft about kris kross tehre all that so why asked do they rock? believe that ;)

Im also Joining these hops today, go show some love and "meet" new people!

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  1. oh my work is the SAME way. ugh its the worst!!
    Helene in Between

    1. gotta luv it eh, you would think our boses would understand that blogging is way more important then actually working :) have a good weekend :)

  2. I found your blog on Aloha Friday and started following on google friend connect. Haha I bet your mom hated that song then!

    Ashley @

    1. haha she totally did, still does when i told her they died shes was like just DONT sing that stupid song! LOL thanks for stopping by and following :)