Thursday, May 9

Day 7 & 8 - Holidays

Finally my first day to myself. Do I sleep in, naw wake up for 730am so I can make sure to say by to Adri before he leaves for school. Do I take a nap, naw im wide awake no sleeping now. So I totally took advantage of my new 32 GB memory card, my 16GB kept saying it was to full to delete shit, and well thats annoying so John hooked me up with a new card!  WINNING!  I downloaded and downloaded and downloaded new shit. I found a ton of new country songs that I'm in love with, then some older stuff that I comppletely forgot about

- Luke Bryan - What country is
- The Band Perry - Better dig two
- Brad Paisley - Beat this summer
- Kip Moore - Something 'bout a truck
- Rihanna - Stay * Damn, forgot that girl can sing!
- Jason Aldean - 1994
- Baby Bash - Suga suga
- Kenny Chesney - back where I come from
- Jake Owen - barefoot blue jean night

I had Colin meet me at my sisters which is about an hour away, to give me a lift home. When we got back to town my first stop was my brothers house, we knew going a week without seeing my little brother could make it feel like a life time. I hungout there for a while and then headed back to my house where I was BEYOND happy to have a date with my bed.

Was a pretty chill relaxing day. Didnt do much, caught up with everyone who I missed over the week. The waether was so nice, def beer drinking weather. So I headed back over to my bros and we ordered  UFC 159, and watched Bones Jones school Sonnen. . and break his toe not gunna lie, it was a little nasty.

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