Tuesday, February 19

Tuesday topics, week 8; 3 stores

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This week, 3 stores..

Who wants to hear how blond I am before you read my stores list, everyone? okay GREAT!

I totally read 3 Stories, not stores. And scheduled a post for today then I hop on over to Lauren 's blog and I'm reading all about stores! FML

So yeah I just rewrote an entire post, because I'm a idiot! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some target. They NEVER had one anywhere near me when I was growing up, so the first time I ever seen one was last summer when we went to Scarborough for dress shopping, needless to say I bought a shit ton of new clothes!

Old Navy
I can always usually find anything and everything I need at old navy! Minus my last shopping trip where the jeans gave me muffin top, when I tried a bigger size the pants were like 4 inches to long i kid you not.. WTF Old Nevy .. what the fuck!

You can find EVERYTHING you need and its pretty cheap!

So incase you havent noticed im a one stop shop kinda girl, who loves clothes :P


  1. Ahahaha that is funny! I have done something similar once, you are not alone! I love Walmart, how can you go wrong price matching?!

  2. Love ON right now--they have the best maternity clothes :)

    1. my prego friends always find the best clothes there to!