Thursday, March 14

Its okay..

Linking up with amber for...
Its Ok Thursdays

its okay,
to be 25 and confused about life right? just watch season one of friends!

its okay,
to be so obbsesed with LC aka Lauren Conrad you are about 2 finish the 5th book she wrote " starstruck"

its okay,
to book your holidays in april instead of the summer because you just miss your nephews soooo much,! Auntie can wait to see you guys

its okay,
to let yourself fall for someone again, as long as you keep your guards up and refuse to be hurt again in the exact same way

its okay,
to miss your bestie so much it hurts, luv you tony!


  1. I just finished reading all of Lauren Conrads books! I love her too!

    1. i know right! great style, great stories, shes so amazing! next book comes out in june I think im so excited!