Tuesday, June 11

Tuesday Topics; 7 facts on ur job

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7 Facts About Your Job.

What job, I quit.
Last week to be exact..why because I cant work there and live in a completly different provience.

However Ill leave you 7 funny stories about how stupid some people can really be.

Customer:"my wifi isnt working"
Me:"is this your home wifi, or a public wifi"
Customer:"No, fuck manI'm driving down the highway, and I just really need this to work, no matter which one I try to connect to it always drop"

Customer:"can you block numbers"
Me: "yes at a $5 charge"
Customer"Great, because my boyfriend has a new girlfriend. She calls me all the time, my boyfriend tells her to stop, but she wont so this bitch needs to be blocked"

*Please hangup and call back if you are calling from the device you are having a issue with*
is the recoding that EVERYONE hears before calling to tech support...
Customer":I cant recv calls"
Me:"Okay, lets update the network see if that will help. Your not calling from your cell phone right?"
Me:"Can you take your battery out"
call ends...

Customer: "dropped my phone in water, and now i cant see the screen."
Me:"sorry, but your warrenty is void $x.xx is the price you'll need to pay for a replacement"
Customer: "WHAT? cant i have a new one for free"
Me: "no"
Customer: "why"
Me: "You broke it..."
Customer: "How do you figure"
Me: "Cause..you just told me"
Customer: "well it was a accident"
"Me:"Cool,your warrenty is void $x.xx is the price you'll need to pay for a replacement"

Me:"Thanks for calling ___ tech support can I help you"
Customer:"Can I change the security code on my account"
Me:"No proble, but youll have to speak with customer care, I can only help if your having a issue with the cell phone"
Customer:"Okay, thanks can I ask you a ask about my bill first"
Me:"Still, I can only help if your having a issue with the cell phone"

Customer:"Theres a huge issue with my email!!"
Me:"Def frustrating when its not working, whats going on"
Customer:"It works but I have to hit refresh.."

Customers game app keeps closing
Me:"uninstall/reinstall it try again"
Customer: "And loose my high score, no fuckin way! you guys at ___ better fix this or else"
Me: "___ is your service provider, we didnt make the game and were not responsilbe for any games/apps"
Customer: "Whats your point...."

And that ladies/gents is why I no longer work there, I vauled my sanity a little to much!


  1. Haha! these are classic! When I was in college I work as an administrative assistant for a telecommunications company and I seriously had a client call me one time saying that she had sent a mean email about a client to whom she thought was her co-worker and instead sent it to her client. She wanted me to take back the email. She turned off her computer "completely off" if that would help....LOL

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