Thursday, June 13

Hellllllllo there!

Hey guys, I've been a little mia lately, since I used my work pc to write my blogs, but since I quit I haven't had much time to post, anyone else noticed how annoying it is to blog from ur cell.
Anyone figured I'd catch u guys up to speed of what I've been doing.. a whole lota nothing, yeahh buddy. I was planning on quitting my job last Friday but the Thursday before I just couldn't do it anymore it was stressing me out, on top of that I still was having my period that started in april.
I went and told my manager I just had to leave this job that I couldn't do it any longer. When I went to HR to give them the letter from my doctor saying I could leave my job, they gave me such a hard time over it, they tried to make me resign from the job, but I knew that I wasn't suppose to quit my job because then I wouldn't be eligible for EI.
Finally after 20 mins for her talking down to me and being rude because I wouldn't quit my job, since technically I'm leaving for medical reasons I went back in tears to my manager, complaining that this lady was such a bitch she even made leaving the job stressful. My manager went back and talked to someone else about it, turns out I wasn't suppose to sign anything only show them my note, and have my manager update my file to leaving due to medical. Simple as that, why the bitch in HR had to stress me out over wether or not I was suppose to resign I'll never know.
So after that very stressful day I've just been hangingout spending lots of time relaxing and enjoying myself, and what do u know today's ago my period completely stopped.
Well that's all that's new this week guys, check back saturday for a huge surprise!!

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  1. Do you have the blogger app?
    I use to hate ousting from phone but NOW it's the only way I do it!!! You can pictures, labels ...and the all important spell check as you type (not after)