Sunday, January 13

Sunday Confessions

Linking up with Alyz for ...

1.Im a teeny bopper...again
I cant stop listening to 1D (1 Direction) Ive been infected, im a director call it what you want, this is wrose the my beiber phase, lord help us!

2.I miss my boys, esp my bub, aka Hudson

3.Red is def not my color, but im wearing it anyway

4.My big brothers leaving me, and im not happy.
Im having a hard time adjusting to the fact my brother isnt going to live a 20 min drive from me anymore, its now a 4 hour drive. Offical 1/25/13, I am extremly happy for them to finally find a home to buy and still be able to keep there home in shannonville to rent, reall proud!

5.Some Douch Stole My Money
I have no respect for people who steal my shit, trumper your sneaky POS and I hope that when your on your last few dollars trying to get by till payday that someone steals money from you, your a low life, funny how the first time I meet you I said you reminded me of Ryan..


  1. Red is defnitely not my color either but I recently bought some red shoes and red pants!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    1. ohh red shoes, now those sound cute, i was in a wedding this summer, and we all wore john deer green heels, so cute!

  2. stole your money?! that`s low.
    i went through a bieber stage too! i think my 7yo was over him before i was, hahaa.
    love your blog, following you (:

    1. ugh tell me about it, ah well lessoned learned cant trust to funny about bieber :)

  3. If you're a teeny bopper then so am I! Not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops that I have sort of fallen in love with One Direction!!

    1. LOL there just so flippping cute how could anyone not love them! :)