Thursday, January 24

It's okay ..

Linking up with amber for...
Its Ok Thursdays
..It's okay,
that it's my brothers last night in town
..It's okay,
that I spent my day off cleaning and packing my brothers house. Sister love
..It's okay,
to bitch about the weather when it's -22 outside
..It's okay,
to take time off work to sit on ur ass and do nothing #hatemyjob
..It's okay,
even miss the fact ur not going to see ur brothers dog any more!
..It's okay,
to be single..refer to this post


  1. yes, it is ok....especially ok to bitch about the weather! I hate winter and I am so ready for spring. And my 2 cents on being single. Enjoy it! You don't know how luck you are!

    1. ugh, i hear ya on that cant wait for winter, im def enjoying being single, just missing having a man in my life,