Monday, January 21

Weekend Recap

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Notice I didnt do one last week, because I did NOTHIN last weekend and didnt want to bore anyone with the dets. I woke up worked came home watched TV went to sleep, repeat sunday, mm k? now your caught up. Moving on to this weekend!

As normal it was my day off, so I chilled out. It was also my moms birthday so I took her and my little brother out to crabbys aka crabby joes, and then I bought her some grocerys since shes been short on cash-o-la. AFter that I headed downtown with my little bro J to get this sweet sweet #8. Which you might have already seen on my sunday post.

It stands for Live With No Excuses And Love With No Regrets.

This quote speaks volumes with the way that I live my life. Im a yes person, have been for almost 2 years now. I do everything and anything I want/can do, lifes way to short not to try and experience everything life offers you. The 2nd half, love with no regrets is something that means alot to me and my brothers, we love openly and we've been hurt ALOT by parents, friends, people who claimed to be family, but were learning that there was a reason god wanted us to love that person, there was a reason god let him/her into our lifes, we cant regret things that once were put in our lifes to make us smile.

After the tattoo, I hungout with my mom a little more then headed to visit the old roomies with Farmer. We ended up getting drunk while watching "American Horror Story" *if you havent seen it, your going to want to!* We spend the rest of the night drinking, laughin and just hanging out.

Back to work I go, Working on the weekends is just stupid you should have to, or you should HAVE to get paid more money! Anyway, after work I headed home to get ready for the night. It was my friend Sam's Bday so we were suppose to go have predrinks at her friends then go to the bar. Since Im slow at getting ready I missed predrinks and headed out with some other friends, so I assumed when they finally got to said bar they would of let me know. MMM WRONG! I was pretty bummed out about missing it but I was having such a good time with my other friends at another bar that it didnt seem to phase me. After the bar I went back to my brothers house to continue drinking, he was sober but his friends were drunk like me, so I didnt mind.

Ugh, worked ..again. Can I get a award for showing up to work TWICE while hungover, no one EVER does that, atleast non of my friends. After work I headed to my older brothers to spend more time with them before they move FOUR hours away :( Since there packing up the house, and finishing little renvoations befor the renters move in they lift Q at my sisters, but I did get to spend time with this little cutie, who smiles now but not in thesee pictures, ohh BTW he also said hi to me, 2 months old. amaze -balls!

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