Sunday, January 20

Sunday Confessions

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Weekends are way to short, annnd people should not be FORCED to work, if they CHOOSE so they should get paid more

I fell in mud. walked into a wall. I lost my wallet. found my clutch. (didnt even know I had both). Lost my bank card. Found my bank my wallet, all in 1 night

I hate my job, but thats not really a confession its pretty clear.

I got my 8th tattoo

it stands for
Live With No Excusses, And Love With No Regrets.


  1. Love the tattoo. I'm trying hard not to get another one. I just got tired reading all you did in one night.

    1. thanks for the tattoo comment, its def hard to NOT want to get more, like all the time LOL, dont worry i got tired trying to rethink what i did the night before haha

  2. I'm not a fan of my job, either... but I just tell myself that it's not forever! thanks for linking up!

    1. Ya, I keep saying that too lol, thanks for hosting, see ya next wk