Tuesday, January 29

Hair Dye Fail

Ive been meaning to write this post for awhile but I just kept forgetting about it. Im always complaining about my lack of actual post since there almost all linkups. So my 2nd real post of the year goes to hair dying. And how I almost lost my life really burnt the back of my neck.

This was taken the next day,

This burns nothing compared to the scabs and burn marks on my scalp. I felt like a freaking headlice case because I couldnt stop itching.

Ive NEVER had any allergic reaction to hair dye. Ive been dying my hair since I was 14, Ive used many many different products, and Ive even used this same product befor to dye my hair, but I must admit its been years since I used "Nice n' Easy" so maybe they changed something up in there product. The only thing I did different was not use there conditioner. Guess they really get ticked off about that. I just cant believe using my own conditioner would have had this result. I only left it in for about 20 mins, then I started my shower, started some music and got in to rinse it out. No way it was more then 25 mins TOPS!

**Note to self/Readers if hair dyes on sale, DONT BUY IT. Stick to your normal. I would have much rather spent the extra maybe $7 on the hair dye I usually use "New Garnier". Now Im scared to ever dye my hair again. When I went back there was no experation date on the box, or bottle, so ladies/gents before ur next hair dye sesh, CHECK FOR A DATE.

7 days later

Needless to say, I NEVER want to dye my own hair again, atleast if I go to a salon and this happens again I have someone to hold responsible because "If i followed the suggested strand of hair test I would of noticed there product wasnt for me and seen that dying my whole head would of been a mistake"


Okay, maybe people do, but I dont. I sure wouldnt dye my hair with a product ive NEVER used. Been there, done that. Lost 5 inches of hair, not cool I guess I'm just not meant to hair nice hair?!

Anyone else have any dye problems gone wrong?!

Rememeber at the beingng when i was all pumped to do my first solo post and not another link up?
yeah well I was checking out the link up I did with Lauren and I was hopping along like a good little blogger visiting everyones post from the linkup, when I came accrossed a fun one that is hosted at Helene In Between

So go and check it out, link up ANY post you want, how fun right?

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout!! Dyeing hair is soo hard. I've done it a few times in my life and it's always terrible!! I always just have to go to the professionals!

    1. yeah, lesson learned for sure! next time straight to the pros!