Tuesday, January 29

Tuesday Topics, Week 5 ; 6 memories

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The Austin Family Diary

This week,
6 memories.

[ONE] Moving in with Amy & Co when I was 16, it was finally peace at last no more fighting with my mom. No more fights with social works, most importantly I felt safe.

[TWO] My 21st birthday, this is what #whitegirlwasted looks like incase u were wondering
I had atleast 3 friends buy me 21 glasses of draft beer. At some points I was handing out beer to random people at the club!

[THREE]All the times I spent hamshowed with tnucs & Co on applewood

[FOUR]Graduation high school #hihaters #sorrythatyouhaterscouldntphaseme

[FIVE]The invention of CDs, first one I ever bought with my own money, big Willie style

[SIX]The moment I stopped hating God for all the wrong in my life, and accepted that everything happens for a reason, and God wouldn't give me more then I can handle


  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun memories!!
    God never gives you more than you can handle; but sometimes it's hard to realize that. I know I've had a very full plate lately, and it has not been easy!

    1. sometimes its hard for me to see that, but keep in mind what doesnt kil u, makes you that much stronger :)

  2. Love the last one and feeling safe. Memories make us who we are!

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories with us...love the last one :)