Monday, January 28

Weekend Recap

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Was my day off so I spent it doing what any great sister would do, cleaning and packin my brothers house. His wife got a nursing job in her home town ( 4 hours away) So there renting there house out here to a single mom in a rough situation, the father of her kids(4 of them) picked up and left them, they lost there home and were living in temp shelter. My brother couldnt help, but offer them his home. In the meantime my brother and his wife bought a house were my sister in law will be working. After the truck was loaded I spent as much time getting cuddles, and kissing this little man,

isnt he just the cutest?!
Then they dropped me off and headed for the highway. Where there was a huge pileup, and there 4.5 hour drive, turned into a 9 hour drive.

I worked 4 hours, I know tough life. Thats only because my work wouldnt give me the whole day off, my plan was to actually go with John to his new place and help them set up there. After work I headed to my moms for the night, and just chilled out and relaxed there with my younger brother.

I spent the day at my moms, and then headed home to finish season 3 of 'Dawsons Creek'. Thinking I might buy seasons 4 this weekend, its getting really good. Finally Pacey & Joey are a couple, I was always team Pacey!

So peeps, how was ur weekend?

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