Wednesday, January 30

Cuuuuz i be on my suit and tie shit!

Hello peeps!

Wondering whats with the title, its only the lyrics to an amazballs song by my future baby daddy Justin Timberlake, at first I wasnt to big on the song, but then it started to grow on me, now I cant stop - its right up there with Kiss you - by 1D, dont judge me!

So kids,,
Whats good? whats the word on the street?

OHHH word is its wednesday, which is the end of my work week. However im too poor to celebrate with booze, so I'll leave you with my fav Ecards I found on the web this week.

Im also doing a BlogHop ..

Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life

Too all the men who continue to speak to me..

Too my main hoe

Amen to that..

To my boss,

I saw on cribs someone wrote shit on the caps after crazy parties/ drunk nites with ladies - how epic right?

Im just saying..

To the people who say "hello, are you still there" ..

HAHA, why yes yes i am

LOL, loved this one..

HAHA and this one..

Anyone know some people like this? I do..

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