Friday, February 1

Day 1; A current picture of itself, +15 random facts

Day 1
A current picture of itself, +15 random facts

1- Im 25

2- I rent a basement apt, no boyfran/no kids/no pets, just moi

3- I dont do DIY very often because its time consuming, and Im easily distracted.

4- I still get lost exiting the 401 to my home town. Dear 401 peeps, stop changing the freakin exits every other week, thats sum bullshit

5- I do tech support for a cell phone provider, and I just freakin love my job!

6- I just started to write my life story, and I might turn into a book

7- My favorite past time is watchin seasons of my favorite shows, yeah #ineeedalife

8- Im obbessed with #hashtags

9- Every night before bed, and every morning when I get up, I HAVE to check missed txts, then facebook, instagram, TMZ and my email

10- Im scared to let my guard down, being hurt is something hard to get over.

11- I live life as if theres no tomorrow. I return calls and msgs. I visit those who love me, and pray for those I cant see that day.

12- I beleive everything happens for a reason, and that god wont give me anything I cant handle.

13- between last jan, and this jan Ive lost 71 pounds. In total since I started my weight loss in aug 2011.

14- I come from a rather large family. My father had 2 kids before me, then had myyself and my brother with my mother. He then adopted my sister jonelle making her my step sister, who has the same mother as my other half siblings. I left home when I was 16, and into my Amy & Cos place, who i actually refer to as my first family. Together her and pock have 1 child, Amy as another child froma previous relationship and Pock has 2 other children from previous relationships. So I def understand the meaning of family, and loyality.

15- Im a firm believe that blood may be thicker then water, but sometimes the bonds you carry with others make them family.

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