Friday, February 1

Friday Letters

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Well Hello friday, Fancy seeing you here


Dear Jacob & Hudson, sorry I cant make it to see you today, try next week? luv yous!

Dear work,
GAH would it be possible for just to update something without causing the whole system to fail?! just once

Dear pay,
I just got paid not even 10 hours ago, HOW AM I BROKE. riiiight, my boss refuses to give us raises, just more work

Dear work,
I HATE you for leaving me broke enough to work on my day off

Dear social life,
Im sorry its another weekend in again..IM BROKE ..


  1. Stopping by from The Sweet Season... I can empathize with the whole broke thing. As well as having a system that is super crappy. We just have to keep telling ourselves that it will get better one day.


    1. yeah I think I say that 500 times a day LOL, thanks for stopping by, cant wait to check out ur blog :)