Wednesday, May 8

Woke up feeling like a million bucks!

The other day I made a post on my feelings abut work & life, how stressed I was. That I felt depressed with my job and life, I had been feeling that way for a while but wasnt sure what I could do about it. I thought long and hard and decided I need to see a doctor. I made a apt with my family doctor, 3 weeks felt like 3 months but I sat it out. Becoming more and more annoyed with life and my job. Finally I had my apt on monday, and im happy to say my doctor fully understood me.
Its hard working at a call center, and unless you've actually worked for one you might not understand. No one deserves to sit there hour after hour, day after day and be talked down to or yelled at. More often then not someone on the end is upset that there phone isnt working and they take it out on me. I can understand that your phone not working can be a huge inconvience, but dont call me a worthless cunt because you entered your password to many times incorrectly, and now you need to wipe your phone, or replace your SIM card. How does that make me a cunt, but doesnt make you a idiot ?
I just couldnt take it anymore. The fucked up part is when I become rude back to the person, or if I start talking down to the person (believe me, you may say you'd never do that but after someone talking down for awhile your attitude totally changes) I would get coached on my quailty for not being nice to the person. EXCUSE me, did you hear they way they talked to me, my managers responce, well you have to put yourself in the customer shoes, try to understand why there were upset. And I do, when its a legit reason. If your calling me to call me every name in the book because your cell phone doesnt work in the basement of your house, then you my friend can go fuck yourself. While your doing so feel free to look for common scence.
I put up with this shit for 3 years y'all. Enough is enough, now that its effecting me, and making me into a bitter bitch that I dont wanna be. I made a stand for my self, im not going to be put down anymore. I asked my doc to be laid off. Prob the fact that I couldnt shut off the water works the second I started talking about my job. The tears just kept comming and coming, and he quickly signed a little sheet of paper saying I care to bad work doesnt care for you, you can quit now. Okay okay, it didnt say that exactly but you get the point!
I also brought up my period last 3-4 days longer. As in I started spotting on the 25th had my period full for 7 days, and just stopped spotting yesterday. WTF body, WTF. So hes sending me in for some blood work and ultra sounds today, on my way there now! wish me luck bloggers! :)

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