Tuesday, May 7

Day 5 Holidays

Q had school again, so I got to spend extra time having moments like this ..

Isnt he just the sweetest?

I just hung around all day with John & Tammy, until dinner time when we headed over to Tammys moms for dinner. Pancake wednesday + bacon HOLLA plus she made brownies. Tammy's mom claims she left them in for to long, however pretty sure they were they best damn brownies I've had! like E-V-E-R! After dinner, I was catching a mean case of the itis, so John & I decided to take a walk around the block, and freeze our asses off. Since we had WONDERFUL weather the day before, the temp still hadn't gone back up yet. We headed back to the house, and just relaxed with the kiddies for the rest of the evening.


  1. Awh such a cute baby! Thanks for the comment on my blog and shorter dresses seem to be making a comeback these days!

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    1. thanks for returning the fav and stopping by my blog too :)