Friday, August 30

Day 2, views are breath taking

Morning started at 9:48,.kinda surprised I slept in so late however I had about 3 hours sleep the night before so I wasn't too shocked! We hit the road around 10:15 for thunderbay! Seriously Ontario you are beautiful but huge, like my mind is blown. I can't stop thinking how have I never seen this side of Ontario. I literally drove thru a mountain. On both sides of the road were these huge beautiful mountains couldn't believe it. I have no words to describe it other than beautiful and breathtaking. At one point just as we were coming out of Sudbury, in "blind river ", However that may have been a road side for a street .. haha, anyway, I saw a stream of water coming thru a bunch of rocks, again mind blown. I remember my dad had this table decoration it was made to look like a mountain, that sat on his table and it had water that would trickle thru the rocks I was so amazed by it I would sit and watch it for hours. I never thought I'd get to see that in real life!
I find myself thinking of my dad a lot on this trip, even though were not speaking and I have no plans to in the future a lot of memories are coming back. He would always stress to me the importance of traveling and learning and seeing things. He always told me if his children only do one thing in life it should be travel. I always heard "you need to visit all, 5 great lakes ". Living where I was I was pretty fortunate to see lake Ontario and lake Erie already so when I noticed I'll be able to see lake superior I was excited. I was expecting it to be nice like the other ones but this blew my mind, its undescribable.
We stopped 3 times to see it, first one we pull up and there's a bunch of cars all pulled over as we pulled in as well. Assuming they were there like us to just take a peak around and leave. Until we walked around a corner and noticed it seemed everyone was having a beach day! I stood in the water, which was really nice felt so warm. We searched for some items for my scrapbook of my trip from Ontario to Alberta! We got some sand, a couple eggcorns and found some neat shell's.  We headed back on hwy 17, drove for about another hour and stopped again to see more of the lake. This time it was a lookout, blew my mind. I'm still in shock over the actual mountains I saw, and the fact that we drove literally thru one at multiple points. At the lookout you could stand right out on the cliffs. There was a guard rail that we all signed our names to, and where we were coming from, and where we were going to. As your facing the water behind you is the mountain you can see what I mean when I upload pictures because my POS blogger app isn't and never has let me actually (anyone one else have that issue? Email me if u know how to fix it or why It happens) . It was just a beautiful beautiful epicly BEAUTIFUL view, only pictures will tell u what I'm trying to!  We stopped once more to see the water. This time it was at a turn off, off hwy 17 a little cove type / beach place called "ansel Katherine cove" we explored there for a little while. At first I remember it being a little chilly and wishing I had a sweater as we were walking down a set of "trail stairs ". I dunno if that's a word but if not I like it! It was a piece of wood semi buried in the dirt path so it was easier to walk down the path. Once we got down the path which was only about 9-10 ft long and  is cover by my lots of trees there was sand and a huge body of you guessed it water. LOVED IT! we started walking around a corner to explore and found these huge rocks that were amazing laying flat and spread like at some points 60-70 feet out, I got to walk down a rock that had drop offs on either side it was amazing again app is stupid so u'll have to wait for those! I can't prepare you for how amazing it is so moving along. 
At some point along the way I put on "Kenny Cheney's, greatest hits" huge flash back to my first road trip. I went 5 hours away for a week the whole way there, during the trip and the way home Renee and I listened to him, while day dreaming about his butt, so for a good hour of this trip that's exactly what I did!
Eventually we stopped for food in "wawa", i died laughin at the name. I remember as we were coming up to the town saying, wtf is a "wawa". We ate at "family kitchen "..It was a cute, and in ways reminded me of a little spot downtown where I'm from called "the skyline". It was a trucker stop which meant they had freaking payphones at the table! I just thought how cool, everyone else thought "wtf kinda moron doesnt know.. " Well fuck y'all, I was sheltered!! Plus you never see payphones anywhere anymore so suck it!  Haha just kidding I laughed at myself! We were planning on driving to thunderbay tonight but it was 8:24 with 330kms to go, we all needed a rest. The next town we found a hotel in was about only 15 mins later and it was 'Marathon', it was 9:06 when we arrived to our hotel, we stayed at "airport motor inn", which was right on hwy 17. The start to the night was funny between val getting  the window.stuck  that was "not to be opened for our own protection ". No joke there was a sign about wild life! Or Mechelle not being able to get a pop out of the machine, assuming it got stuck cause, it heard these weird noises, then nothing.  We couldn't get our change back out when we tried , or make any other suggestions.  Finally got the change back from reception, walk to the other vending machine.. success! The rest of the night included vmma's again Kevin Hart you that shit! Annnnd Justin you killed you! When we stopped in wawa I grabbed a map from the dinner we ate at  "family kitchen" and marked every spot I've ever visited and marked the route were taking from Ontario to Alberta, that took about 1.5 hours I was like a kid in a candystore! Finally decided to call it a night around 12. I must say, Ontario your fuckin huge!

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