Sunday, September 1

Day 4, goodbye ontario

Woke up around 8:30am this morning. I really thought that because of the time change my body would be off, but it's only an hour plus guess I'm use to the time changing by an hour it's only been happening twice a yes for the last 26yrs!! Wonder if I'll notice the difference when. It's 2 hours different.

Since we kept hearing about all the storms last night we assumed outside would be horrible. But the weather was georgouse and the sun was just a shining.

We left travel lodge around 10:16, and hit up Walmart for some pills for Mechelle back. It was around that time we saw the highway marker reading "10/0" finally almost out of Ontario.. FINALLY! 10 mins later finally saw the "Welcome to Manitoba " sign. We pulled the car over so I could get out and take pictures under the sign. I also wrote wrote on it "goodbye Ontario, I'll miss you xo kalleen ".also wrote where I was coming from, and where we were going with today's date!

Once we crossed the boundary I seen what everyone was talking about. Flat and boring with farms for miles and miles.  Wish it was as beautiful as Ontario but atleast I can say I've seen it! I must say i do like the clouds, there really low so low i feel like i could touch them if i get out! Also wtf is with all the trains there everywhere! Moving trains, stationed trains, museum type trains. Gotta look into that! Also the roads are shit! The gas prices sure did drop. Western Ontario the gas prices are between 1.30-1.45 when we got to Manitoba the first gas station was 1.21! I also can't believe how wide the hwys are here it's like the size the 401 when it switches to 6 lane highway! When we got closer to Winnipeg.. or winterpeg ppl like to call it, they way the road twisted and turned running over top and under because there trying to fix the original road. It was neat kind of reminded me of Toronto. I think I'm getting home sick..

I finally got around to having actual conversations with friends and starting missing everyone and everything. A tear even streamed down my face when I realized I probably won't be around when Tucker the fucker dies, I LOVE that dog. When "the bear cat" came on it was more then one streaming tear. Audri *main hoe* and I rocked out to that song a few weeks ago did the dance and everything. I just miss the shit outa that hoe, this stinks. Just after that song ended, I msg tell her I'm all sad panda, as I'm typing  "don't worry, be Happy" comes on. All I could do was smile. Audri is the type of person who would do anything to see her friends Happy, it was almost like a sign.

At one point along the drive we listened to alanis morrisset. *The jagged Lil pill album, we can all agree everything after wasn't good.. right carissa!* Ive listened to that album a million + times owned multiple copies cause I was losing it on it would start skipping. The thing I love best about her music is that the same song have represent so many different stages of your life. In the song "hand in my pocket " there's a part "what it comes down to is I haven't got it all figured out yes yet, but I got one hard in my pocket and the other giving a peace sign".
Moving to Calgary is the craziest thing I've done yet. I quit my job, gave my notice to the landlord sold all my shit and left for the unknown! Now that's living life! And I'm okay with it, I'm just chillen. I love life right now. No idea where I'm going, but I'm Happy!

We stopped just out "Brandon, Manitoba" for gas and it was unbelievably cloudy and so windy. Thought for sure "okay, now were gunna get stuck in shit weather". However Jesus was all like I ain't letting nothing ruin ur trip baby girl! It rained for about 2 mins then the sun came back out, and sky was beautiful again! The best part about the stop, I was finally able to find my beloved "gobstoppers" . As Aaron says "there almost as good as sex ". Couldnt agree more, I'd always have to buy 2 boxes because I'd either be sharing them with Aaron or my brother Jordan. I had to send a picture of the box! Sucker..

around hwy marker "257" - saw my first oil rig, not sure what I wasn't expecting but it wasn't that. It was small, and all the equipment looked so beat up and old.

Seriously this is the world's longest drive ever. If I had to drive thru Saskatchewan and Manitoba before Ontario I would of flew. What a waste of time, other then farm I'm really not sure wtf people even do in either province. Althought the clouds did start getting crazy again around "Indian head,Sk". They were even lower to the ground this time, it was so unreal I've never seen an entire cloud before it literally looked picture perfect. The cloud at some points were almost black but then all around it was blue skies and clouds, funny how things look some times. I sit and think to myself..what a wonderful world!

When we got to "Regina,sk" we noticed the time changed it by an hour. I was officially on the same time zone I'd be moving to the mountain time zone!

We got off the hwy around 4:30 heading for "moosejaw, Sk". As we were driving thru we noticed how disgusting the town is. I've never seen such a run down town before. I thought where I come from was dirty, makes back home look like the best place to live. Instead of staying in the town we decided to hit McDonald's, located on McDonald St! So basically we drove to moosejaw for McDonalds, because we sure the hell were not about to stay there!

Around 7:30, we got to swift current and stopped at super 8. Thankfully they had rooms available! We spent the rest of the night just relaxing in the room.

I finally put batteries in my camera that I haven't turned on since I bought my phone 1.5 yrs ago, blew my mind. Found Hudson crawling when he was 9 months, and playing in the bathtub just over the age of 2, he's 5 now. I saw pictures from Adrian's 4th birthday and Q's first birthday, and now it's 2. Brought me back to both their birthdays i love having my siblings children all in the same room as me, watching little people interact just makes me day. As im going thru im thinking ..and just like that my boys are growing up where does the time go!?

The camera definitely made me a more sick, but I get to Calgary tomorrow and this week I'm meeting up with 3 friends from back home, hopefully that will help. Anyway bitches and hoes, this Lil niglet is off to bed..

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