Tuesday, September 3

Day 5, I made it!

I am NOT a morning person, ill get up around 9-30-10.  Be jealous, its okay the single kidless life is awesome!* Today i was up and felt ready to go at 7:30am, which in ontario was right around the time i woke up .. hmm just when i thought time change wouldnt effect me!
We left "swift current,sk" around 8:45, 10 mins after then we saw "500km" to Calgary! That's it? Considering all the driving we just did that's cake work!

At 10:19, we got to Alberta! There was a off ramp for the welcome sign so we pulled off and I stood under to take my picture then I brought my beloved Sharpie and wrote "hello Alberta Xo kalleen ".

I must say I'm pretty impressed with all the Facebook love, thanks guys when I'm liking everyone's comments it's because I'm truly Happy that your Happy for me!

First stop was in "Medican Hat, AB" at 10:43,  we stopped to grab gas there and it was only $1.15! Couldn't believe it, cheapest I've seen it in days like 20cents cheaper!  We crossed the next town around 1:09, which was "strathmore, ab,".  Shortly after that near "Landon, ab " you started to see the mountains they looked amazing, picture perfect! I remember thinking "OMG, I'm so exited I might shit myself!"

There wasnt to much excitement over the rest of the day, until around 2:00pm we got to Calgary, the first stop we made was "Peters drive in". It was this classic old school Burger joint. You couldn't walk inside only up to the window to place the order, or go thru drive-thru. The line ups were insane, we waited about 20 mins just in drive thru alone, however I must say it was well worth it! 

We took the food and headed back to val's house to pick up one of mechelles dogs, Bella. Vals parents are seriously the cutest people I've ever meet. Jersey shore fans, picture vinnys mom! Sweet little Italian lady, pinches and kisses both my cheecks seriously she's too cute for words!
We hung out there for a little while and headed "home ". Still haven't gotten use to Calgary, or mechelles place as home, not sure I'll ever feel that way. Maybe it will be my 2nd home!

We moved all the bags inside and the first thing we do is find the bong, we had been smoking joints our entire trip finally we didn't have to smoke them anymore! I also met the neighbour, what a character she is, told us all about the neighbours within 5 mins I knew almost everyone's life story! Reminded me of  some people from back home.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and trying to figure out if we wanted to stand or sit nothing we did felt comfortable, it was interesting. Around 11, I decided it was time for bed we put some sheets on my new bed and it was finally time to relax in my own bed!

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