Friday, August 30

Day 3, ontario ur tooo big!

Woke up around 9am, with no service which is funny cause there was service before I went to sleep. I guess around "thunderbay" there's no service, gunna be a long day today! By 10 we were on the road. 20 mins down the road we hit construction usually I'd be annoyed however, I was still on my roadtrip high so didnt phase me. Just when I thought I couldn't have my mind blown any more we get to a part just before and past "little pic river" and I can see them marking where to blow up sides of mountains and you could see where they pushed back all the tress in order to make the road wider. At one point there was a gravel mixer right there! Taking the crushed up rocks from the mountains and making it into gravel. Never seen anything like that before. Blew my mind feels like I'm in the loonytoons show with all the explosions! 

We decided to check the radio,  we found 3 stations t-h-r-e-e.  Like wtf  man, so we settled on "93.1" .

The bends and twists on hwy 17 are unreal, you'll be driving low then you'll start climbing up and up when you get to the top you have this amazing breath taking view. To the right you can still see the lake from yesterday, still looking breath taking.  Again I can't tell you, you just have to see it so stay tuned for the pictures I'll post probably this weekend.
Also took note of the signs numbered on the side of the road, pretty sure it means how many miles/kms are to the next town.. we had 699 to go fuck you Ontario! Your so big!

Our first stop was 12, at a Tim Horton's in "Nipigon".  There was a sign on the bathroom door saying "no showing, if you abuse this ull be asked to leave ". I can just imagine the truckers that come thru there LOL.

I grab a everything bagel with herb n garlic cream cheese and Bacon, I was enjoying it and stopped and said self this Bacon is the "old Bacon ".where the fuck was my nice thick crispy Bacon! Anyway moving on, there was this huge totem pole outside of the timmies it was pretty neat! So we stopped and took some pictures with it. Right across the road was a esso gas station, so we stopped to top up. In the gas station was also pizza hut, kfc, and robins donuts. Talk about your one-stop-shop!

Back on the road, at 12:30 and had 104kms before thunderbay. Finally getting closer a few more hours till I'm out of Ontario, feels like a life time. Shortly after I smoked my first joint, couldn't believe how high I was.  Around 1:30 we ran into more construction mind = still blown!

A little while after that I got to experience time change for the first time, that was so cool! Hour difference just like that it was 2:35pm est, in the blink of an eye it changed to 1:35central(cen) . So cool! At 2:11cen, came acrossed upsala, seriously where do they come up with the names for some shit! I made a point of remembering to look for it because when I was facebooking about "wawa " my buddy Chris comments about this upsala town! It was different...  Lol there was this huge statute of a bug is some sort, maybe a bee. Hanging out of this "bees" mouth was a full human size statute of a man, weirdest thing ever!
It was 4:14, when we hit "Dryden,Ontario" and found the marker that said  "200/0" till we leave Ontario.

We stopped shortly after to hit up timmies thought it was neat the address was on the door "655 government St ". Either Tim Horton's in my town didn't do that, or I just never noticed! But I was impressed!

I know I've said it a million times you might even be sick of hearing it but fuck Ontario is beautiful, at one point we were driving down a road, and there wasn't anything spectacular so I'm just playing on my phone when I hear Mechelle "kalleen, look NOW ".I look up were driving thru a mountain going up hill there redrocks everywhere on the mountains it was 90% red rock, which was neat! When we made it up the road to the top, my jaw dropped. There was a huge body of water right infront and your so high up it looks like your going to drive right into it. Surrounding it was a beautiful landscape of trees. Seriously Ontario do you get more beautiful then this?

It was 5:49, when we finally starting seeing signs for our next stop "kenora,ont ".and 25 mins later we arrived officially in town. Its the long weekend so we were a little nervous on finding a room. We were right, we stopped at comfort inn, no rooms. Tried super 8, which was apparently really high class looking and only took reservations. Around 6:30-7 we found room at the travel lodge. The outside of the building had a painted banner that went all the way around, inside was a huge section of the wall that was painted with insane art work, you guessed it gotta wait for the pictures!

Brought all our stuff in, relaxed for a little while and headed down the hall to "yesterdays "for dinner! The restaurant was attactched to the hotel so it was really easy to access. After dinner we headed back to the room, val took a walk around town to see what was around us and Mechelle and I went to relax in the hot tub. It was amazing and so relaxing, even better when we finally figured out how to get the jets working. I let the jet work my back till it was so sore. 

It was about 10pm when 2 ladies swimming both came with husband's and one child each.  The lady and a baby maybe 6-8 months and the other lady had  a child maybe 8 yrs old. The mom and the 8 yr old were swimming and the other mom and the baby were standing near the middle just walking thru the water. When all of a sudden we saw her go under water and come back up as she was doing this she was throwing the baby in the air. Mechelle and I just sorta look at each other like wtf,  the family she was looking at them, but with a odd look, like they couldn't figure it out either, but didn't look concerned. Then she got this panic look on her face and starting throwing her arms all over the place well tryin throwing the baby she starting making odd noises, quickly it become clear she was drowning and was throwing the baby up to stop from going under. At that point we all clued into what was going on, and the father jumped in. Turns out the mom was deaf and wasn't a good swimming. Still unsure why they thought they should bring the baby in if that was the case.

We headed back upstairs shortly after that, and well watching the news learned there's server thunderstorms for the area With winds up to 100/km where we were headed to, and straight thru Manitoba, hopefully it's not horrible to drive thru, or we may just have to spend another night! 
I thought the time change would if effected me but it's only an hour difference right now, or maybe I'm just stuck on a high from seeing all the amazing views I've seen so far!

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