Wednesday, August 28


Day 1
1:25, hit the 401 west bound! Listening to Elvis Presley blue swade shoes. Trip went pretty smooth until I couldn't find my sister so I ended up just leaving her a note, would of rather seen her but everything happens for a reason I'm sure I'll catch her  on my visits home.
Stopped to check the map and have a pee at timmies. Couldn't believe the rain!
6:10, get to Perry sound for a Lil visit nothing really here kinda reminded me of my home town, so at 6:20 we decided to leave LOL and hit the next town. We drove for a little while longer, and I must say I like what I see so far! Ontario is a beautiful place who knew we had mountains so cool! We planned on stopping in sudbury as our next town, after what felt like forever, I remember seeing 120 kms to go and thinking never going to get there. I was so tired and hungry! However half way thru the drive to sudbury "brown eyed girl" came on, that seemed to brighten my mood:) around 7:40 I finally seen the "welcome to sudbury ".sign, praise Jesus! Took about another 20-25 mins to get into the actual town. The first hotel we came across was "the comfort inn" brought our bags and and headed to "boston pizza" for dinner had the best chicken and mushroom fettichinni, delis!
We got back to the room about 10pm, and relaxed with some drinks. I took a look at a map in the first time in about 5 years and realized holy shit Ontario's huge! All in all great day, but ready for bed.

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