Wednesday, July 25

Double Link up!

Usually I link up with Allyce for Is That Normal Tuesday, However shes taking a break from blogging, and she will be missed however I found 2 new link ups!

So this week im linking up with Paige for Tuesday 10 wishes link up!

This week,
10 must have Christmas items :)

1. A Puppy,
I really want a puppy, like how cute are freakin pupppies! Not just any dog though, I want a box, mainly because there so flippin cute I mean look..

2. A Car,
Really dont care what it looks like as long as the thing runs!

3. New furniture,
I know tabby loves it and never ever ever can part with it, but its so ugly!

4. Gift cards,
For anywhere really, im not picky. I just love free stuff

5. A new bed,
I love my bed, I really do but I just want something more grown up, like a bedroom set.

6. 1 year Gym membership,
I refuse to spend money on one because I can do it all myself, but if someone bought me one then Id def go to the gym, yeah Im THAT kind of cheap

7. Ear phones,
So I stop catching catchy songs in my head, like "Pay phone" - thanks Christine!

8. Someone to make me a " Grab my button" link for free!

9. Tickets to see an amazing concert.
* to many to choose from, but if i had to just HAD to pick one *

10. Round Trip tickets to visit, Abby,BC Fort Mac,AB & Calgary,AB
* Miss you Tony, Ry, And Aunt M!*


Linking up with Jane for Truth or dare Tuesday,

This weeks questions

Truth: If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
Dare: Post a photo or video of your bedroom as is. Tell us about what we see.

uploading a photo would of been fun, if my room wasn't so lame! we have panel walls I cant even hang pictures!! except for in the spots that still had nails from the last tenant! So anyway..

If I had 24 hours to live, and money wasn't an option I'd have Tony fly in from BC to spend every last second with me.

Id call everyone I normally do without telling them its my last 24 hours, then they would spend it trying to tell me everything they ever wanted to say without simply saying the words I would want to hear, " Love ya, Cya later"

Id make sure to see each little boy in my life who means the world to me <3

Id make damn sure to grab myself an Arbys sand which!
* Great Canadian to be exact *

Lastly I'd send a txt/fb/tweet/email whatever to every single person I love, and ask them to meet me at a specific location, when they arrived they would find my favorite music playing, my favorite food being server, but not me.. I'm gone.

All my life I've lived with no regrets, lived life to the fullest and never looked back, from a young age I went through things that children don't go through, and faced situations that adults didn't have answers to. But I survived, never gave up. For the most part I did it with a smile on my face, so why would I want the people I love to be anything but happy. When my times over, I want every to party and party and pa and pa and parrrrrrrrrrty and party!


  1. Puppies are the best! I highly recommend one. :)

    1. i know i live in a apt right now so it's just not big enough, but a girl can dream.. one day :) lol