Monday, July 23

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

**This week im also joing up on #YOLOMondays, why ..well because its a link up, and what better way to find new blogs :) So join the linkup with Molly **


After I got off work I was suppose to go home and have drinks with the roommies and figure out the plans for the night, however that didnt happen. Instead I hung out with "The Farmer" * In highschool, when Audge met said "Farmer" for random reasons still unknown to this day she started calling him Farmer Colin, Which is quite funny seeing how he doesnt look like a farmer, doesnt live near a farm, doesnt have any ambition to farm, nor does he even know a person who ever had/has a barn, yet somehow over the years, the nickname stook.* after work for a few hours, then he drove me home. REALLY LATE. So right to bed I went, thankful that I didn't have to deal with drunk roommates :)

Since I got home late I slept in, woke up around noon and it felt AWESOME! After I was awake and alert Audge, B(Her son) & I went downtown for lunch. This weekend was the sidewalk sale, I remember being so excited about going to it when I was a kid, however this year it sucked! There wasn't any good deals, except the cowboy hats that I bought Audge & I. THEY ARE BALLLIN, cant wait to wear it somewhere! When I got back from downtown, since I'm a old nerd I knew I would need a nap if I planned on going out that night. So I took a nap, and once I woke up I was hardly in the mood to actually go out somewhere, but I still wanted to hangout with people. So I went back over to the Farmers house and drank with him, we ended up staying awake until the early morning.. again.

I was suppose to go to wonderland with Audge, and her man and one of his friends. However after Saturday nights events, I decided not a good look to go out in public after a long night of proving that I'm too old to handle my booze. puking my face off. So I slept in way WAY later then I excepted, and finally left Farmers around 5. After that I rushed to finally watch Jacob play baseball. He did such a good job, I was so proud of him. A little disappointed because he kind of played like a poor sport, he doesn't handle losing very well... He played 1st base for most of the game, which kinda of stunk because I was really looking forward to seeing him pitch. However last inning of the game, he got to pitch. AMAZING! Sunday night I went back to Amys house to spend more time with her and Geoff, since there lose on Friday night I figured they could use some support, even if I didn't stay long or say much. * There 2 good friends passed away from carbon monoxide poisioning .* Later on that night Audge and I went out in the next town over because " SHE NEEDED A HOT MAN" yeah on a Sunday night, in shit crap -whole, sure lets go out. So we put on our best - pick- up-men-outfits - went to a strip club, because it was the only place open. However after that she made up and went back to her mans house, and I ended up going over to The Farmers place, way to find new hot guys audge!

All in all it was a great weekend! Hopefully everyone else had a good weekend!


  1. I stopped reading after I saw "woke up at noon".

    1. I enjoyed it usually Im up way earlier then that :p

  2. sounds like an awesome weekend! btw: i am loving your blog design, girl. i have a love for quatrefoils, gray, and yellow! so needless to say i LOVE it! thank you so much for linking up with yolomondays! hope to see you again tomorrow!!

    1. thanks, glad you like the layout:) cant wait to link up today!