Friday, July 20

Friday Letters

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Dear Mom,
Are you really that irresposbile that you got evicted from your aparment because you cant control your son and his temper/attitude. I cant handle this stress that you bring on to yourself, and except me to fix it. Not this time, you guys are both on your own. I cant help those who dont want help.

Dear Jay,
You call me your friend, say were close to everyone. Tell everyone that im the best big sister, you love me to death. Well come to find out, I hear about the way you really act, the way you really treat your friends. You say you tell me everything, but it was our aunt who told me that you guys were getting kicked out of your apt, I would of never known. That hurts man, really bad.

Dear Work,
Looks like this was the first successful week of your systems working however, EPIC fail on keeping the network up. Yesterday that fact that not only my phone wouldnt send txt msgs, but half of your customers msgs couldn't send txt msgs. Which meant that not only could I not send txt msgs, BUT I also had to listen to people go on about not sending txt msgs.

Dear Paul,
From here on out I feel like banning ppl from calling me dirty, because its just never going to be the same again. However you joked about everything with me and in life in general! You always said to me" come on DIRTY, you love me, and if I didn't luv ya I wouldn't call ya dirty." Its so true that was our relationship, you ALWAYS made fun of me, and encouraged EVERYONE else to do so as well, i'm gunna miss you!

Dear Cindy,
Ive never seen you pissed your always happy as shit...For the most part. Your energy is amazing, you were ALWAYS cheerful at anytime of any day when I saw you. You go above and beyond for not only your kids, but your friends children. You'll never be forgotten!

Dear Friday,

Dear James Holmes,
Your a douch!, My heart goes out to everyones friends and families in Aurora, Colo ..


  1. Stopping over from Friday's Letters! It's always nice to have friends in your life that are always happy!

    Stop by and say "hi!"

  2. thanks girl!, I'll be sure to take a trip over this week