Thursday, July 19

Thursday 13 : Crafts

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All Things Lovely

This week's topic is Crafts. I picked 10 crafts that I cant wait to try do, if I ever do Ill be sure to link it back here!
* I put a picture up besides the ones I thought were REALLY cool, and that I cant wait to try *

1. Stensile

2. Memorable keepsakes

3. Random coins

4. Cell Phone Cases

5. Stencils

6. Survival Kit

7. Leaf Painting

8. Dates by Numbers

9. Painting Spoons

10. Wall Collage

11. Blocks

12. Flip Flop Hanger

13. T Shirt Weaving


  1. Love that cell phone cover idea :) I may just have to do that!

    <3 Jamie

  2. i know eh! i just found pintrest so amazed with all the neat ideas