Wednesday, July 18

Free Your Mind

I was over visiting Sam and thought it would be fun to answer 50 Random questions about me. I'll answer one question, every week. You can find all the questions Here if you think its a fun idea and want to tag along, or you can just answer all the questions at once. I just figured if I do it once a week, then I always have a subject to talk at least for the next 49 weeks.

So here it goes,
1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

This is a tough question. I always thought that when I was 25 that I would be married, possibly owning my own home, with thoughts of having babies around the corner. I remember being 15/16 and thinking I cant wait to be in my mid 20's so happy and living with the love of my life. Well I'm 24, single and renting a apt that I share with my roommate. Looking back at myself when I was that age, all I can think of is .. " HELLO mid 20's IS NOT THAT OLD!" Back then being in your "twenties" meant that your uber old. I guess that was just the mind frame I had, back then it was still a surprise to hear of working moms. That was only 10 years ago people, *UGH IM SO OLD!*.My mom was 28 when she had me, and all of my other friends parents had them in there mid/early 20s, so that probably where I got the idea that by my late twenties I should be married with babies -However, that's not the question quesion is if you didnt know yourself. If I didnt know myself, I'd say I'm about 24. Id take a look at my life, and say wow that chicks life is awesome! She had no children, so no resposiblity for someone elses life, I can do whatever I want without thinking how it might effect the person Im responisble for. Because now I know that im not 14, im 24. I know what an adverage 24-year-olds life is life. I know that at 24 most people dont have it together. sure alot of my friends are in long term relationships and 2 of them are getting married within the next few months. However thats not all 24 yr olds. I still have friends who live at home, who are still in school, who just had babies, who just brougt there first home together without even being married, I know that life doesnt have a age on it, but if id have to guess Id say im exactly the age that I am, and quite proud of it too!


  1. I Love this! I also really liked being 24! You've got it right too, enjoy it!



    1. exactly:) i cant find your blog to check out there, what is it :)