Wednesday, July 18

Is It Normal

This weeks is it normal is a little different, and a little delayed seeing how its wed but better later then never. So with that being said like I said this week is different, not only am I answering the questions but I'm getting my BFF Tony to answer the questions.

1. Is it normal for 2 men to hug?

Me: Totally normal, Why not lets try to move past the sexiest phase ppl.

Him: 1. Yes.

2. Is it normal to gag on your toothbrush while brushing?

Me: Not if your a pro star, just saying.

Him: dunno in dont gag.

3. Is it normal wear the same bra daily?

Me: Well I don't have enough bras to not wear the same ones daily, no do I have time to do more then 1 load of laundry again.

Him: Ew no

4. Is it normal for grown women to frequently use the words "like" or "um" while speaking?

Me: I do it all the time, however it does make me feel like I should be using more of my vocabulary instead of those filler words

Him: Um like yea lol

5. Is it normal eat cake batter/dough?

Me: you know it

Him: Yes

6. Is it normal to go "commando" in public/at work?

Me: is it normal no, have I do it, yes ...hey when you become lazy and irresponsible and don't bring your laundry home to wash it on weekends, then shit happens like when you don't have undies to wear, im talking not even the grannie panties, not even swim suit bottoms!

Him: If u feel the need

7. Is it normal to have long toenails?

Me: No, in the words of ronnie " Thats creepy, and weird"

Him: No

8. Is it normal to try on an article of clothing in the middle of the store?

Me: Yeah, like a coat.

Him: Sure

9. Is it normal to tell someone to be quiet or "shhhh" someone in a quiet setting? ie. church, movie theater, meeting, etc.

Me: Ill look but usually I don't say anything until I'm really annoyed

Him: Yes

10. It it normal to change clothes multiple times before leaving the house?

Me: I do especially if I'm going somewhere, where I could possible be interested in someone.

Him: Yes

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