Monday, May 20

Its offishall

this post has NOTIN *say it ur black voice* to do with Kardinal Offishall other then its a cool way to spell "official" Hip hop artist so so clever, no? However what this post is about is changes. I've always said im going to leave Ontario, the first chance that I get, and I didnt. I kept staying because I felt like someone needed me, and first it was Amy, then John, then it was Jordan. I always felt that if I left any of them that the world would pretty much end. I always thought...

However over the last year something that ive come to learn for myself is that you get nowhere in life by helping other people, if your not helping yourself. If you dont set out to create greatness no one is going to go out and get it for you. I need to move on with life, and stop following my friends around, and trying to only be there for others, I need to be there for myself. I need to move ahead in life, or im going to be stuck behind in thie small ass going no where town. If your local and reading my blog, no disrepect that life just isnt something I want.
Since I can remember my mom's best friend Mechelle has been trying to get me to move out west, Calgary AB to be exact. She has always told me I was born to shine, and stars dont shine in trenton they drown. If your from my home town, you might know exactly what she means. However I always wanted to leave, and every chance I had I changed my mind because there was something or someone who needed me. When Tony moved to BC he was dying to have me come move out there, but again something or someone would come in the way.

Two new years eve's ago I made a promise to be a yes girl. To say yes to everything that came my way, regardless of the time, the person, the funds in my account. If it was at all possible I did it. I've lead a very happy life since. I'm 100 pounds lighter, Im sexually happy, Im physically & emotionally happy. I have the greatest friends who care and love me. They support me in ways I can never imagine. I created a life that I love by simply doing things that I loved.

Finally I feel like it was my time. No more excuses, after all I'm a yes girl!

Im heading to Calgary y'all. I couldnt be more excitied about it. I was stressing hard mainly over work , and it was taking a toll on my body mentally I couldnt take it anymore. I said to my self, "self .. If you go to your doctor tell him stright up that work is making your life hell and he agrees that you can leave your job instead of quitting, that Calgary is where I need to be." And he did, he fully understood what I was going thru and agreed that working at my job just isnt the best option for me right now.
So I took a huge step, and call my moms friend Mechelle and told her I'm finally ready. No more excuses, I'm doing it once and for all.

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