Sunday, May 19

Day 19 ;Err day in may!

Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

she keeps its real! I can always garentee a good laugh when I read her posts, bring me to party with you please! we can make 2000 jello shots!! :D


Because I insipre to live carefree! be a wild child. Write post that arent just HILARIOUS, but heart warming. Shes real, and honest in her posts. Atleast I think, she claims shes not famous, but yet she has her own pap's? Plus she likes to drink, and wear yoga pants, lets face it i LOVE drinkin!

Her posts are almost always heart warming with a little twist of humor, heart aches & life lessons. Oh and drinkin stories
Girls Love Fried Pickles

She keeps it real & funny. Her posts are funny, light hearted, and real. She makes me feel like im not alone on this weight loss shit!

Because she loves link ups, and i love link ups. Do I really need a reason other then that!?

So go check out my top 5 and show em some love!

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