Wednesday, April 24

One sunday I was drinking and..

Since I have mondays off sometimes I like to go crazy on sunday nights. One sunday I decided drinks with my friend Sam was just what I needed, plus I hadnt had some good Sam time in a while! Since I live in the most BORING town ever, we choose to go downtown for drinks.
trust me if you lived in my town you would know this was a horrible idea.
We went to bar A, a total dive. However music makes everything better, so it cant be that bad right?. WRONG, it was. There was  NO MUSIC. At a BAR! weird right? moving along. Next bar, which is even more of a dive then bar A was closed. Yep the scummiest bar in town was CLOSED WTF! Assuming the night would only get better if we went to other other end of town, so we walked our hot asses 30 mins to find the usual party bar bumping with music so we figured hell, even if the parking lot is dead inside cant be so bad.WRONG. not even 1 person was inside, even the bar tender was like why are they here?!So we leave & walk over to the titty bar next door that was well known for creepy men, but atleast there was music and beer so we went with it. Except we couldnt get pass the creeps standing outside. There was only one place to go from here, back to Bar A!

At the first bar we went to even thou there was no music at least there was beer and people! Thats were I meet "George Micheal", yes thats how the moron, loser,  nice charming man introduced himself. Not gunna lie thought his friend was kind of cute, and even though it was george who was feeling me, what was the harm in hanging out with all of them. At this point I was only 2 drinks deep no idea why I thought this was a good idea, never EVER is. Sam & I ended up leaving the bar with "george" who later admitted his name was something else that I cant remeber right now, ill try later. Anyway, him and 2 of his friends joined us to head to another titty bar with free pool. the only reason I agreed to leave BTW.  On the way to the bar one of his friends left, the cute one go figure. So anyway the 4 of us our headed to the titty bar, about 5 mins inside georges friend gets kicked out. AWESOME. Now its Sam, George and I.

At this point George has told me about 500 times how beautiful I am, and how hes never worked so hard to pick up a chick. Prob because its sunday night and every girl Ive seen so far is a stripper and ur actually paying her for ur time, or as sir mix alot would say, that girl looks like a total prostuite. After what felt like hours of "George" trying to get my number I was mrs wasty pants and found it even more ammusing that he was STILL trying. Eventully I left the bar, and aloud Mr.George Michael walked me to my bros. Part of the deal was he needed to get bestie approval, which wasnt to hard cause Sam just really wanted to leave the bar to get laid spend time with her new man. The other part was he needed my big - little brothers approval. Lil big bro is 6'2, and has about  atleast 70 pounds ontop of my weight (150) thats just muscle, kids jacked. Needless to say lil bro was not impressed, and ended up telling me to have the kid leave.

Moral of the story,
Never drink on a sunday,
Never leave the bar with randoms,
Everydays a new adventure, just go with it!

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