Tuesday, April 23

Well that was random...

Remember that guy who I said was awesome, so different, basically what I was looking for but I was all sad panda because we was leaving? - no click here.

He left, I was PISSED!

At first I thought I was just going to be really upset, because I liked this guy. I thought he liked me cause well you know, he told me so! Anyway, his plan was to drive from Ontario to BC when he got a job to work for a month or two. So I always knew he was leaving and I was hesitant in spending time with him for obvious reasons. He was persistent, and sorry if this is TMI but he was also good in bed, really good! So I kept spending more time with him, inside and outside of my room.

He was suppose to leave last Thursday, but we had a freezing rain warning and snow warnings from here to Timbuktu, so he decided to wait it out and leave Saturday instead. We spent Thursday night together, and were suppose to have a sleep over but he decided that he go home that night since I worked Friday morning, he could spend one more night where he was living, and get a chance to say goodbye to his family before he left. Then that way Saturday morning he'd already be in town (hes in the county so its like a 30min drive 1 way into town) so it be easy to hit the road.

I had a blast Thursday night, neither of us wanted to leave each other but agreed spending his last night in town with me would be a great idea! So he left after he took me out for a late night lunch, he was suppose to MSG's me Friday after noon but didn't, didn't respond to any of my MSG's I left that night either. After 3 hours I gave up, never heard from him again. Weird how guys can just do that right?!

Anyway, going to keep trying this dating thing figured after kissing enough frogs losers Ill find my prince.

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